Taking shelter from a fierce thunder and lightning storm


“Someone just came across this photo. Hmm, it might look like we’ve been evicted from our hotel rooms but in fact we were sheltering from a storm. We had been on one of those big metal outdoor stages at the Montana Folk Festival, (http://montanafolkfestival.com/)┬áin Butte, when, all of a sudden, the skies opened up and the stage manager started chasing everyone off the stage saying, “Big thunderstorm coming our way, about four miles off.” So we went to the little tent behind the stage until we were told that it wasn’t safe there either, as it had metal poles. (We aren’t very flash lightening storm saavy, apparently!)

So there we were, in the closest place to shelter, looking homeless, but happy.

The Montana Folk Festival is great, by the way. A stunning location, incredible history and architecture, wonderful people and lots of great traditional music, and it’s free! We had a great time there.”

Mary Jane