Past Quotes

“Timeline is an excellent example of the background that molded Wendy MacIsaac into the person and the player that she is today, richly steeped in the Gaelic culture and the society of the rural Inverness County. To me, this is what makes her special. As an all-around package, Wendy MacIsaac is one of the best there is. Forget about thinking that her playing gets to the heart of the music, Wendy and her playing will get to your soul.” – Cape Breton Post

“Lamond’s use of modern instrumentation and arrangements provides a beautiful framework for these treasures, but it is her vocal performance and delivery that makes these selections truly come.” – MusicTrax

“Deeply personal, “Timeline”, like all good art, reaches beyond itself to include the listener in a drama of the unexpected. Wendy MacIsaac’s “Timeline” takes the listener on an emotional experience with the Creignish fiddler.” – The Inverness Oran

“Timeline is a fine fine disc by one of the best Cape Breton fiddler players. You can feel the climate, the yearnings and the community in the music. It is a testimonial to life, and all the joys and sorrows that life holds.” – All Music Guide

“Lamond is a splendid interpreter of challenging material.” – Chicago Tribune

“She wraps traditional Gaelic songs in contemporary treatments, a veritable postmodern pastiche.” – Sing Out Magazine

“Fiddler Wendy MacIsaac showed her mastery of the
wildly varied cadences of the Cape Breton fiddling style” – The Chicago Tribune

“Lamond’s interpretations are conscientious and articulate, giving each song its most lucid and truest expression. There’s no question she’s one of the finest Gaelic singers around today.” – Dirty Linen

“[Wendy MacIsaac is] one of the most talented people this island has ever produced”
- CBC Mainstreet

In every culture there are those who preserve the language, song and traditions. Mary Jane Lamond is one of those people. This is evident in her most recent CD, Storas (Gaelic meaning “a treasure”). This is exactly what our traditions are…they are our treasures.” – Celtic Connection

“Her hypnotic, word-tumbling style is a wicked delight, even if you don’t understand a word.” – Saturday Night

“There’s life and emotion in all of these songs – and the consistently tasteful arrangements ensure satisfying shifts in both temp and mood. Instrumentally sparkling, the recording captures a rich, traditional acoustic sound.” – The Living Tradition